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Rachel Botsman: The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Trust means an awful lot to us here at TaskRabbit. It’s why we make sure every single TaskRabbit is background checked, it’s why we built out a robust reputation engine complete with ratings and reviews, and it’s why our founder talks about trust and social reputation to anyone who will listen. This is why we were so excited to see this incredible TedTalk from Rachel Botsman — a woman who’s been a constant source of inspiration to us here at TaskRabbit. Take twenty minutes to be as inspired as we are by Rachel’s talk:

Rob Spiro of Good Eggs Discusses Food and the Collaborative Economy

We’re more than a little obsessed with collaboration and food, so we’re positively giddy over the Good Eggs mission — to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. In the most recent episode of Collaboratively Speaking, Leah sits down with Good Eggs CEO and co-founder Rob Spiro to talk about how the collaborative economy moves his mission forward. Operating as a two-sided marketplace, Good Eggs connects farmers and food makers with people in their communities who are interested in eating well. By taking on administrative hurdles such as marketing and distribution, Good Eggs makes it possible for food makers and farmers to focus on their products. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts in the conversation came when Rob told Leah about the three specific ephiphany-type moments that inspire people to eat well: 1. Expecting children. This reminds people that what you put into your body matters, big time. 2. Reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. According to Rob, this single book is responsible for many, many sustainable eating conversions. 3. Biting into a …

Introducing TaskRabbit Tales

We’re proud to present the very first installment of TaskRabbit Tales, a new series designed to showcase some of the best stories in the TaskRabbit universe. Our first episode is about how becoming a TaskRabbit helped one Austin, Texas woman get her life back. Jennifer G. has spent the last few years recovering from a devastating car accident. Her injuries took away everything she knew about her life  — her career, her memory, her ability to understand the world around her — and helping people through TaskRabbit gave it back to her. “This was the first firm footing that I had after the accident to know that I could get back out there and help people,” Jennifer told us. Watch the video for more of her story. If you’re a TaskPoster or TaskRabbit with an amazing story, you could be featured on the next TaskRabbit Tales. Give us a shout at

Four Bathrooms: We’ll Take Our Oscar Now

It’s the most revered ritual of tech culture — clusters of code act as totems, interdepartmental teams mingle in a ceremonial collaborative dance, and anthropology metaphors get really, really weird (like, Hunger Games weird). It is, of course, Hack Day. The TaskRabbit crew embarked in the honorary celebration last Friday and the results, well, they were pretty awesome. Hack Chief Brian L. started the festivities by gathering us all into the TaskRabbit game room. Elevator speeches were given in turn. Pairs and trios and quads of TaskRabbiters secreted away to various corners, lounges, bouncy balls, and brainstorming rooms in our SOMA office. New products, features, and campaigns were built over the course of six short hours. Endless trays of sandwiches and pints of Lagunitas were consumed. Demos took place first thing Monday morning in front of the entire team. Each project was judged according to three criteria: Impact (positive impact for TaskPosters, TaskRabbits, or the company in general) Hotness (level of awesomeness demonstrated) Deployability (closeness to being ready to deploy) The frontrunners included a flash …