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Earth Day Plant a Tree

Deliver Me a Tree for Earth Day

Did you know that more than one billion people around the world are expected to celebrate Earth Day this year? That’s a whole lot of lightbulbs changed, solar panels installed, and new trees planted. If, like a lot of us here at TaskRabbit HQ, you need a little help getting an actual tree to your domicile to celebrate, have no fear — TaskRabbits can help. Hire a TaskRabbit to go to the local nursery or home store to find you a tiny little orange, maple, fig, or whatever type of tree your heart desires. They can also grab shovels, soil, and whatever else you need to plant and protect your little tree. And yes, they can even help with the planting itself if you need. Once your little tree matures, it can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen, remove ozone pollutants from the lower atmosphere, and cut between 35 and 800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year. And all you have to do is post a tree delivery task today. Need …

Christmas Tree Hauling Help

Task of the Week: Deliver My Christmas Tree

Ah, the grand tradition of lugging a Christmas tree home. Sap sticking to your hands and hair, needles flying out all over the place, you hoping hard it doesn’t slide from the roof of your car on the way home. TaskPosters from LA to Chicago know it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow the lead of Erik B. in Los Angeles — he hired Wesley H. to pick out a tree and stand and deliver it to his home in Marina Del Ray. Now all he has to do is decorate. Wouldn’t it be great to let someone else handle the evergreen this year? Stay tuned for more updates on how TaskRabbits can help out this holiday season.