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Sports! The TaskRabbit Team Heads to AT&T Park

We didn’t catch any foul balls, the kiss cam didn’t find us, and no one got to hug Lou Seal, but we still had a blast at last night’s Giants game. We headed over to AT&T Park (just a few blocks away from our lofty SOMA digs) to watch the Giants pummel the Astros (Sorry Houston, shoulda posted a Task for better hitting) and introduce our new interns to the wonders of Gilroy Garlic Fries. Do you look good in orange? We’re hiring.

A TaskRabbit Engineer Does Laundry Day: TaskRabbit vs. DIY vs. Wash & Fold

Every two weeks for the last year and a half, I’ve hired my favorite TaskRabbit to pick up two loads of laundry from my house, wash, dry, and fold them at her place, then return them to mine. It cost $25 per Task, and I never had to think about laundry.  It was awesome. Regina A. would even remind me when laundry day was coming so I’d never run out of clothes. Recently, Regina decided to take a short break from Tasking to focus on her new day job with the Oakland A’s. I knew I’d be able to find another amazing TaskRabbit, but was curious about how other methods of laundry would fit into my life. I decided to conduct some tests. Since I don’t have a machine in the old San Francisco Victorian I live in, I headed to my sister’s place. The laundering part went smoothly, but it took forever. I felt tethered to her place for several hours waiting for everything to finish; really annoying. During the next laundry cycle, I thought …

TaskRabbits Head to The Hunger Games

Many of us here at TaskRabbit HQ are more than a little obsessed with Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, so we geekily snapped up tickets for opening night of The Hunger Games. Inspired by the smarty-pants TaskPosters who managed to snag third-generation iPads without waiting in line, Leah posted a Task for someone to show up early to the theater and hold a spot for 20 of us. It worked like a charm. Level 22 TaskRabbit Emmanuel L. showed up early to San Francisco’s Century Centre with this awesome handmade sign and scored us a place at the very front of the line.