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Dealing With Seasonal Demand

The holidays are time for families to come together, people to celebrate, and business operators to wake up in cold sweats, panicking about how they will manage the seasonal rush. If you’re a retailer, you’re faced with a larger than average influx of customers (a good thing), that may be standing around waiting for someone to help them because you don’t have enough employees in your stores (a bad thing). Even if you’re not a retailer, this is the time of year you add more and more items (holiday parties, client gifting) to your usual 5,000 item To-Do list. I know what it feels like, I’ve been through it. [pullthis]In the Fall of 2010, I ran a digital camera rental company and spent at least 10 hours a week cleaning, packing, and shipping cameras to satisfy rapidly expanding seasonal demand. You know what I wasn’t doing during those 10 hours? Running my business. I’ve learned a thing or two since then, like how to prevent my customers (and bank account) from feeling the burden of …