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My Productivity Secret: Think Like a Hacker

Guest Blogger Lisa Falzone is founder & CEO of Revel Systems, the “cash register for the 21st century” that offers a fully functional Point of Sale system through mobile technology. Lisa was recently featured as one of the 30 Under 30 Technology Pioneers in Forbes. You can follow her on Twitter at @LisaFalzone.  When you are starting a new tech company, particularly one with the lofty goal of upending and overturning an entrenched industry like the Point of Sale market, the number of people telling you “This won’t work, or “There are too many hurdles,” is truly staggering. And, looking back now, a lot of what they said ended up being true, at least partially: there are often a lot of seemingly insurmountable hurdles, and sometimes what we did didn’t actually work. But, here’s the kicker: We’re still here aren’t we? I’m sure this is the part where everyone expects me to say that Revel persevered by sheer determination and hard work, that we simply had the smartest team and the most elegant solutions to problems. …