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Task of the Week: Sew Me This

We’ve seen plenty of Tasks posted for basic clothing repair and alterations. There’ve also been many seamstress Tasks about curtains: making them, shortening them, splitting one panel into two. Yep, the TaskPoster community has long tapped into the sewing talent of their TaskRabbit neighbors, but lately we’re seeing an evolution of sorts. TaskPosters like Michelle F. are finding inspiration — like this gorgeous (but sold-out) tutu-esque skirt from Shabby Apple she spotted on Pinterest — and hiring crafty TaskRabbits to sew similar pieces with personal touches from scratch. Boston TaskRabbit Jennifer R. tackled Michelle’s tutu with style and grace (just like a ballerina). Likewise, TaskPoster Alfred M. was impressed by a jacket with LED turn signals sewn into the back for biking, so he hired Sarah W. to build a T-shirt that functioned in the same way. Knowing that so many TaskRabbits are masters of needles and thread gives way to endless possibilities: Imagine, every time we see some covetable piece of clothing on a blog, in a magazine, or gracing our favorite Pinboards we …

Task of the Week: Tie Lots of Little Knots

Geoffrey had knots. Chronic knots. Like most of us, his earbuds were constantly tangling up in his pocket, so when he stumbled upon the perfect solution via an Apartment Therapy blog post, he was thrilled. The only problem? The solution involved tying more knots. Lots of them. You see, that Apartment Therapy post told how Ada, a crafty Pinterest Pinner, whipped her own earbuds into shape by tying a Chinese Staircase friendship bracelet around them. The design, made out of embroidery floss, called to mind long afternoon bus rides and gave her buds enough heft to stay unknotted for life. Understandably, Geoffrey bemoaned the time commitment and irony of tying lots of little knots to solve his chronic knot problem. That’s where TaskRabbit Natalie came in. Geoffrey posted a Task, provided the headphones and a link to the Apartment Therapy post, and Natalie took the “Y” out of DIY for him. Image via Pinterest user Ada