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Task of the Week: Tame This Garage

Did you know that 87% of people who have a garage, attic, or storage space are afraid to open the door due to fear of avalanche? That’s a totally fabricated statistic, but it illustrates something we all know to be true: our garages are out of control. It starts innocently enough, a few stray boxes here and neglected tennis racket there, and then snowballs into a wild and growing heap of crap that just screams, “Minimize me! Please, oh please, won’t you minimize me already?” San Francisco TaskPoster Dan M. has the right idea — he hired a TaskRabbit to tame the clutter. Kymberli J. cleaned and organized Dan’s entire garage, hauled a load to the dump, and even built shelves to help corral items in the future. Ready to make a dent in your storage space? Post a Garage Cleaning and Organizing Task now.

Trending Task: Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring, what people who hang around observatories call “the vernal equinox,” occurred two weeks ago on March 20th. Did you notice? Yeah, we really didn’t either. People who know about things like this are chalking this missed milestone up to an overly warm winter (this last one was the 4th warmest in at least 117 years), but we suspect a reluctance to embrace spring cleaning may also be a factor. Spring cleaning is simply really intimidating. Scrubbing your home from top to bottom, bestowing order upon a cluttered garage, and weeding a garden overgrown after months of frost — that’s a whole lot to take on, even if it is just once a year. The spring cleaning tradition is rooted in multiple cultures around the world — one of our favorites is its role in ushering in the Persian New Year, when it’s called “shaking the house.” Well sometimes you just can’t shake it alone. Maybe that’s why TaskPosters around the country are outsourcing their spring cleaning to-do lists to TaskRabbits. …