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This Puppy Was Delivered By TaskRabbit … And You Thought We Were Fooling

Okay, so maybe we didn’t pivot our entire business model to pioneer the Puppies as a Service space. Kobe got a little ahead of himself (ie, he didn’t get board approval) and April Fool’s Day was in the air, so we may have stretched the truth a bit in the press release we issued on Friday. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t the tech world’s first on-demand puppy delivery service. Matt H., a New York TaskPoster and dynamite dad to two young kids, issued a plea via Task for someone in his community to find his family the perfect dog. Sadly, the family’s previous dog passed away about a year ago. Matt knew they were ready to love another pup, and TaskRabbit Jill S. helped him find the perfect adult dog to rescue — a Welsh Springer Spaniel named Pedro.

Getting More Done in a New York Minute

Below is a guest post from Paula Rizzo. Paula is the Senior Health Producer for and founder of, a blog focused on living efficiently through the effective use of to-do lists. It’s called the “city that never sleeps” for a reason – New Yorkers are going non-stop. You can literally find someone doing something at all hours – day or night — in this city. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up – even for natives. But between work, school and pleasure – it can seem impossible to get anything done as your world is whizzing by you. I’ve been here my whole life so take it from me–there are some key ways to get more done in a New York minute: 1.  Make a List: Never underestimate the power of a good to-do list.  It’s really a goal list worked out in print or on a screen. If you write it – you can do it. Seriously – it’s a good mood booster to see everything written down so it’s accessible and out of your head. There’s …