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Happy Birthday From Your Friendly Neighborhood TaskRabbit

We talk about it a lot … the neighborly connections made possible through the TaskRabbit community, and we just love seeing these friendly connections in the making. That’s why our hearts were warmed this weekend when TaskRabbit Justin D. remembered the birthday (the big 4!) of Lizzy, the daughter of Brian L., a San Francisco TaskPoster (and our VP of Engineering).

The Weekly Runner Report – All the Tasks Fit to Print

Hello Runners! Welcome to our new RUNNER REPORT featuring shout-outs to Superstar Runners, tips & tricks to help YOU make more $$$ plus answers to top questions I’ve received for the week. Welcome New Runners! Getting Started: To get started as a new Runner, simply sign in to your TaskRabbit account and download the RUNNER MANUAL available on the homepage. After reading through our handy-dandy manual, you can email me with any further questions or issues. RUNNER RALLY: Our next Runner Rally will be held on May 31st at Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA from 5-7pm. Join us for food, fun and Runner updates! SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK! This Superstar Runner has been awarded 25 bonus points for awesomeness in the field of TaskRabbit Duty! Superstar – Amanda W. was hired to play with kittens for 30 minutes. She got to play with these adorable kittens AND got a 5 star rating PLUS a glowing review! Great job, Amanda, mixing work and play! For one night only, TaskRabbit became TaskKitten! *Taskin…ur duin it rite! …