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Task of the Week: Rock and Roll

A great concert has the ability to change your entire outlook on things. The lights, the sounds, the energy. It takes an awful lot to coordinate a memorable musical experience — even more when you’re shooting a video for millions of fans to see. That’s why Seattle TaskPoster Jenna P. hired TaskRabbit Cori C. as a production assistant for a shoot of The Used at the Showbox at the Market — to make sure the entire event went perfectly.

Task of the Week: Tame My Wild Music

You know what’s getting out of control? Your CD collection. Seriously, shouldn’t you have converted to all digital by now? We know, we know, it takes time to burn all those albums onto your computer, but some TaskPosters have stumbled upon the easy solution. You guessed it — hire a TaskRabbit! New York TaskPoster Cheryl H. hired Racheal A. to tackle her stack of 525 CDs into digital submission, SF TaskPoster Julie C. had the same brilliant idea, but asked Jocelyn A. to also sync the music up with her iPhone. Meanwhile New York TaskRabbit Jesse M. helped TaskPoster Dylan S. out by tidying up his digital music library. For those of you with sky-high stacks of CDs teetering ominously nearby, take a hint from this Task of the Week and get digitized already.