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TaskRabbit iPhone 5

After Nearly 100 Hours in Line, San Francisco’s First iPhone 5

After nearly 100 hours of waiting in line, Charlie H. finally completed the most ambitious Task he’s ever taken on. After hours of chatting up reporters and fans, Charlie met his TaskPoster and they walked into San Francisco’s Union Square Apple Store together, as the very first people to buy iPhone 5s. See Charlie, his mystery TaskPoster, and the crowds at San Francisco’s biggest Apple store in the gallery below. Impressed? Give Charlie a virtual high-five by tweeting him @zizska.

We’re First in Line at the Apple Store

DAY FOUR Wondering how Charlie’s doing today? Well, he finally has some friends in line with him. Even more people (TaskRabbits included) are expected to line up in front of the San Francisco Union Square Apple Store tonight. When we checked in with him today he showed us how he’s getting his ramen and coffee fix each morning. Watch the video below for more. We’ll check in with Charlie again tomorrow. Have questions for him? Just let us know and we’ll ask. In the meantime, be sure to follow him on Twitter and if you’re in SF, drop by and give him a high five. He deserves it. Skip the line! _______________ DAY THREE Charlie’s well into his third day camped out in front of San Francisco’s Union Square Apple Store and his great mood is unwavering. He’s using Deliver Now for regular infusions of burrito, and he’s even found a new friend in his 24-hour security detail. _______________ DAY TWO Charlie was in good spirits when we checked in with him this afternoon. Despite …