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Christmas Tree Hauling Help

Task of the Week: Deliver My Christmas Tree

Ah, the grand tradition of lugging a Christmas tree home. Sap sticking to your hands and hair, needles flying out all over the place, you hoping hard it doesn’t slide from the roof of your car on the way home. TaskPosters from LA to Chicago know it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow the lead of Erik B. in Los Angeles — he hired Wesley H. to pick out a tree and stand and deliver it to his home in Marina Del Ray. Now all he has to do is decorate. Wouldn’t it be great to let someone else handle the evergreen this year? Stay tuned for more updates on how TaskRabbits can help out this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Help

Task of the Week: Help Me With Thanksgiving

So you decided to host Thanksgiving dinner, huh? That means you’ll have to find time to set the table, pick up the wine, prep all the sides, and do piles (and piles and piles) of dirty, cranberry-encrusted dishes. Oh yeah, and you have to make a turkey. Yikes — that’s a whole lot to do in one day. And that’s before you even consider the whole “entertaining a house full of guests” part. Couldn’t you use an extra set of hands? Time-savvy Thanksgiving hosts like Auren H. post Tasks to find a little holiday relief. TaskRabbits can help with everything from finding, delivering, and brining the bird to scrubbing the pots and pans. You can even hire a TaskRabbit to play Trivial Pursuit referee if your guests tend to get a little heated during board games. A little help from your friendly neighborhood TaskRabbit dials down the holiday hassle and lets you relax with the people you love. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Carpe Diem: Seizing Graduation Day

Is someone special in your life finally walking the stage? Maybe it’s the end of high school, maybe it’s the milestone of finishing college, or maybe it’s your littlest one’s preschool graduation. It doesn’t matter who’s about to get the diploma — what matters is how you choose to celebrate. You won’t be surprised to know that we think TaskRabbit is one of the best tools to help plan the perfect graduation day. Here are some of our favorite ways to use TaskRabbits to celebrate: Party Down You go to the graduation ceremony, TaskRabbits handle the party. You can post Tasks for cake pick-up, party decorations, and even for someone friendly to man the grill. Gift Shopping + Delivery TaskRabbits can deliver flowers, champagne, or other gifts to the grad in your life — even if they live in a different city. An awesome solution for that little sister who finally finished her BFA in New York. Plan a Trip There’s nothing like the tradition of taking a life-changing trip after graduation from high school …

Helping People with Their Holiday Tasks: Doing Social Good

TaskRabbit Runners have been helping people all over town with their Holiday Tasks. They’ve been decking the halls and spreading Holiday Cheer and we wanted to share one of those stories with you. A recent Task that one of our Rabbits completed was for Anu M. who is mother to a sixteen month old boy as well as a working professional. Anu took part in the Compass Center “Adopt-a-Family” Holiday Support program that pairs individuals or groups with a needy family who cannot afford to buy holiday gifts. She had shopped for all the things on the family’s list except for one of the children’s main gifts. When she found herself short on time, and coming down with a cold, she knew she needed help to meet her deadline. She remembered that she had a TaskRabbit credit she had purchased through a group buying site. So she logged on to, signed up for a free account and posted her task. Within minutes she recieved a bid from Alanna G. Alanna G., one of TaskRabbit’s …