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Get your art framed now.

Task of the Week: Frame and Hang This!

Admit it, there’s something you’ve been waiting to hang. Maybe it’s those photos from your last vacation (the ones you swore you’d actually print out), that screen print your friend made, or that stack of concert posters that’s creeping into the double digits. You want to get these things framed and on the wall, but that involves way too many steps. Searching for a frame. Framing. Measuring. Hammering things. Enough already — make like smarty-pants TaskPoster David P. and hire a TaskRabbit to finally (finally!) get this thing off your To-Do list.

Task of the Week: Do Something About This Heat

Did you know the summer solstice doesn’t refer to the day, but to the exact instant in time the axial tilt of the semi-axis of one of Earth’s hemispheres is most inclined toward the Sun? True story, Wikipedia told us. June 20th is not only the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year, it’s also going to be really, really hot. Not that it’s the first blistering day this month — TaskPosters in cities around the country have already been feeling the heat. So much so that they’ve hired TaskRabbits to help keep cool. New York TaskRabbit Erik B. is providing some heat relief for Hannah B. by installing a window AC unit in her 6th floor New York City apartment. He’s also giving Douglas W. a hand with the front window unit of his Park Slope home. Chicago TaskPoster Ramki S. tapped TaskRabbit Davidson F. to lug four AC units up from the basement and install them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Need to cool down? Post …