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Fathers Day 2021 Gift Guide

Father’s Day is around the corner and if you’re like us, you might be stumped on what to get Dad this year. This year, ditch the personalized coffee cups – get Dad an experience that will make his life easier. We’ve put together a gift guide that thinks outside the box (literally) and will show Dad how much you care. This one’s for the Dad that never fails to, uh… impress with their seemingly endless trove of “dad jokes”. Gift Dad the true joy of having a cheerful companion who will actually laugh at all their corny “dad jokes” with enthusiasm (and without eye-rolling), no matter how hopelessly embarrassing they might be. They may even come equipped with a dad joke themselves for some back-and-forth banter. Now, you may be asking, when does a regular joke become a dad joke? Trust us, you’ll know…  The best gifts can’t always be wrapped and sometimes what the busy Dads in our life need, is a little extra time. This year give Dad a break and a little …

Memorial Day Task Checklist

Memorial Day is upon us, which means that summer is here. As we all begin to ‘open up’ this weekend, there are naturally various tasks which you might have been neglecting while working from home. To help get you prepared for festivities over the long weekend, we’ve put together this checklist for tasks in and around the house. Book a Tasker today!

Moving Task Descriptions

Planning a move is a big undertaking–and you have our sympathy. You may be surprised by all the ways that Taskers can help. From packing to moving boxes, read on for the range of moving services provided by TaskRabbit and learn how we can support you at any–or every–step of your move. We got your back (literally, we will do the heavy lifting for you!) Once you start chatting with a Tasker, they can help you iron out any missing details! Here are some key considerations: When you book a Help Moving task, your task description is crucial to helping the Tasker understand how to plan. If you need help packing and unpacking, book a Full Service Help Moving task to ensure the expectations are mutual.  Determine if you need 1 or more Taskers. Since Taskers are independent contractors, it is not possible to hire multiple Taskers through one task. If you need multiple Taskers, you can hire them yourself or ask your Tasker for referrals.  Moving an entire home is very different than moving …

12 Spring Cleaning Tasks For Your Outdoor Space

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to brush the literal cobwebs off your outdoor spaces. If you need help, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top 12 spring cleaning tasks to get your outdoor space ready for max chillaxing.  For ongoing tasks like yard or garden maintenance, have your Tasker leave the task open so you can chat with them whenever you’re ready for them to come back–or set the task to repeat when you book.  Don’t see the task you need done on the list? Search now for what you need done!

Tips To Make Your Yard More “Green”

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that the products and practices they use to maintain their yards can negatively impact the health of the soil, surrounding plants, animals, and people nearby. The same way using non-toxic cleaning products in your home can make a difference, there are steps you can take outside your home to “go green”. Here are a few tips to make your yard more sustainable.  Use Water Responsibly We’re lucky: we turn on a hose or sprinklers, and water comes out. But becoming conscious of how much water it takes to maintain your yard is a major step toward more sustainable gardening. Here are some ways to reduce your water usage: Reduce frequency of watering: Whenever you do decide to water your grass or garden, make sure the water goes deep into the soil. Shallow watering leads to shallow root growth. This makes your lawn susceptible to drought and insect problems.  Xeriscape: This is the process of gardening or landscaping that uses minimal water. You can xeriscape by using rocks where possible …

Here’s What People Are Saying About Their Spring Cleaning Taskers

We all know that spring cleaning is a chance to purge clutter, organize, and transition your home for the season. But it’s not always so easy to get it done yourself. Enter, Taskers! We could explain all the reasons why you should book a Tasker for spring cleaning, but don’t take our word for it. These clients shared reviews praising their Taskers for crossing off their spring cleaning checklists. Here’s what they had to say. If you can’t tackle all of your spring cleaning tasks yourself, get them done with a little help from Taskers like these!

New year, new home: simple organization tips for your playroom

If you’re a parent then you know that keeping a kids playroom clean, let alone organized, is a tall order. In fact, this might be the one room in your home that you find yourself constantly cleaning or just closing the door when you can’t face the mess. That’s why we pulled together four quick and easy steps to help you get this room organized and help keep it that way.  See part 4 of our new year, new home organization guide, home office, here. If one thing is true about kids and toys, it’s that kids get bored and grow out of their toys as quickly as they do their clothes. So before doing anything, go through toys and other items to see what’s broken, no longer age appropriate, or just collecting dust. Once you’ve gone through everything it’s time to decide what is staying and what can either be donated or thrown away. Separate the items into piles and be sure to put all the toys that will be donated into bags or …

New year, new home: simple organization tips for your kitchen

One of the most used areas in our home is easily the kitchen. Not a day goes by that we don’t spend time here and that’s why this is also one of the rooms that can get easily disorganized. From the fridge to the pantry we’ve put together some simple steps to help you start your kitchen organization journey. See part 1 of our new year, new home organization guide, closets, here. From shelves, mason jars, drawer organizers, and many other options, storage systems are key to getting your kitchen organized. That’s why we recommend figuring out what kind of storage systems you might need as a first step. This may require that you first take inventory of what you have in your cabinets, drawers, pantry, fridge, etc. Once you know what storage systems are best for your kitchen, you can start tackling the smaller areas like your silverware drawers or that dreaded Tupperware cabinet. And don’t worry, as you start organizing your kitchen you might find that you overlooked an area that could benefit …