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Every Task is a Customer Service Task

Customer Service is the art and science of providing a great experience for a customer. When you’re assigned to a task, no matter what the task description says, that’s your job: provide a great experience for the TaskPoster. You’re probably wondering, how do we define “a great experience” on TaskRabbit? Here’s how: It’s All About Communication Good communication is essential at all points of a task — before, during, and after. You need to communicate with your TaskPoster before you start a task so you two can get on the same page about what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. You should keep your phone handy during a task in case the TaskPoster needs to reach you, or simply to update them about your progress. Then, when the work is done, talk to your TaskPoster to confirm that they’re satisfied and thank them for hiring you — so they’ll hire you again! Focus on the Customer in Customer Service Every task is different, and every TaskPoster is different. If you …