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Wicked Workshop Reclaimed Wood Furniture Etsy

TaskRabbit for Etsy Spotlight: The Wicked Workshop

Since launching our dedicated portal for Etsy sellers, we’ve been thrilled to see these incredible creative entrepreneurs hiring TaskRabbits to help with their shops. TaskRabbits are helping these crafty business owners with everything from product photography to social media marketing, and it’s been an inspiration to witness this remarkable partnership between our two collaborative communities. In our latest Etsy spotlight, we caught up with Toby Hardman and Nishma Yadave Hardman of The Wicked Workshop. This Boulder-based shop offers a stunning selection of soulful furniture hand-crafted from reclaimed wood. Each piece has a distinctive warmth and its own whisper of history. We caught up with Toby and Nishma to chat about their gorgeous products, the most time-consuming components of their business, and how TaskRabbits are helping them out. Why’d you decide to start an Etsy shop? “The word on the street was that there was an innovative online marketplace developing through Etsy. Talented craftspeople were being provided with a virtual platform on which to showcase their creations — this tied in perfectly with what we were …

woody guthrie new year's resolutions

Forming Habits, Mastering Skills, and Surviving the Supermarket Checkout Line

Still haven’t gotten around to making your New Year’s resolutions? Brain Pickings compiled famous resolution lists from Jonathan Swift, Marilyn Monroe, Woodie Guthrie, and Susan Sontag. Our favorite came from Guthrie, “Keep hoping machine running.” With resolutions like this, how could we not be inspired? We decided to make our own resolution here at the TaskRabbit Blog. Each week, we’ll round up our favorite items on productivity, entrepreneurship, and the collaborative economy to share with you here. Let’s get started: Forbes unleashed a little advise on developing new time management habits — from Benjamin Franklin. According to the article, “Twelve Time Management Habits to Master in 2013,” modern psychologists recognize three key elements in Franklin’s approach: he commits to a habit, works on only one at at time, and uses visual reminders. Ever found yourself stuck in the express checkout lane at the grocery store, wondering why all the regular lanes were moving more quickly? Math teacher Dan Meyer decided to drop some science on this common occurrence, and found that express lanes just aren’t …