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Do Less Be More Productivity

My Productivity Secret: Do Less

Guest blogger Sam Hodges is the co-founder of Endurance Lending Network, a web-based lending platform that connects small businesses looking for $50-500K of debt capital with non-traditional lending sources. Follow Sam on Twitter @HodgesSam. An irony of this blog entry is that I’m writing it a week later than I’d hoped — it’s been a busy week as we accelerate into the New Year at Endurance (a lender to small businesses in the U.S.). Endurance is the second company I’ve co-founded; my experience here (and in a variety of other managerial and investment-oriented roles over the past decade), has helped me define a set of productivity rules I try, not always faithfully, to live by: 1. Triage, triage, triage Some people call this the “80:20” principle — my experience is that ratio is misleading (and a bit trite), so I prefer to think of this as “triage” (what an admissions team at an ER does with incoming patients: they focus first on the ones where time is of the essence). For example, at Endurance our …