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Teacher Appreciation Week

Have You Appreciated a Teacher This Week?

We all have that one incredible teacher that made a big impact. Maybe it was the philosophy prof that opened your mind during your freshman year or the high school English instructor that made Shakespeare come alive. Maybe it was your daughter’s first preschool teacher. For Leah, it was Sarah Sabatini, her high school math teacher. Delivering a little love to the educators in your life is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Think about a teacher in your life that’s making a big impact every day. 2. Choose something that would make her smile, like an awesome succulent plant, a box of snickerdoodles, or classroom art supplies. 3. Post a delivery task.

In Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Top 20 Tasks for Teachers

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams Do you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe it was that English teacher that first sparked your love of poetry, or the social studies teacher that introduced you to new parts of the world and new ways of thinking. How have the actions of that educator informed your life? If you’re anything like those of us at TaskRabbit HQ, your success can be traced directly back to some incredible educators. In honor of those who work tirelessly to open our minds and shape our dreams, we decided to go all out for Teacher Appreciation Week. We stopped by the Teach For America offices to drop off TaskRabbit gift cards to Bay Area teachers — it’s the least we can do really. We know TaskRabbits will be able to provide teachers with the thing they need most: more time! Give your favorite educator some extra time with the gift of TaskRabbit. To help inspire you to celebrate the teachers in your life, we …