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Task of the Week: Walk the Dog

We’ve had dogs on the brain lately. We blame this mostly on Kobe and the army of TaskRabbit office dogs he commands, but the TaskRabbit community is also furthering our puppy obsession by posting so many canine-related Tasks. Last week, we shared the story of TaskRabbit’s role in helping a family find the dog of their dreams, but for this week’s Task of the Week we wanted to bring it down to the everyday level: TaskRabbits can walk your dogs. How simple and brilliant and easy is that? New York City TaskPoster Joe D. found out when he enlisted TaskRabbit Nyna N. to take care of his pup, Anthony, while he was away on a last-minute business trip. Busy Boston TaskPoster Jessica W. needed her greyhound walked and fed regularly, so she posted a Recurring Task. Dog-loving TaskRabbit Lyndsey S. is happily helping her out. Los Angeles art student and TaskPoster Laura L. had the same idea, so now her local TaskRabbit Denise K. helps walk and feed her little pugs every week. Using TaskRabbits …

Animals love TaskRabbit!

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.