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Gallery of Awesome Halloween Costume Tasks

October is one of our favorite months for wacky and wonderful Tasks. Take, for example, this awesome Task that involves gutting dozens of pumpkins. Or this giant spider delivery Task. Last year, people even hired TaskRabbits to pass out Halloween candy for them. With all the unique holiday Tasks out there, we’re still partial to the ones that involve helping people whip up DIY Halloween costumes. Wondering what our favorite ones are so far this year? Glad you asked, because we can’t wait to share: Crafty TaskRabbits are busy building these costumes for members of our community. Need some help with your rad Halloween costume idea? There’s still time! Post your Halloween costume Task now.

Introducing TaskRabbit for Etsy Sellers

We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs here at TaskRabbit, so we’re thrilled to announce a new and innovative method of supporting some of the most creative entrepreneurs we know. In a first-of-its-kind partnership, TaskRabbit and Etsy are celebrating what it means to be part of a people-powered economy, making it easy and fast for Etsy sellers to find flexible short-term help from TaskRabbits to help run and manage their creative businesses. We worked with Etsy to identify the most pressing needs of their seller community. With that information, we designed TaskRabbit for Etsy, a portal that makes outsourcing these common Tasks a breeze for any Etsy entrepreneur. Getting help with everything from packing and shipping to photography and writing listings takes only a few minutes through TaskRabbit for Etsy. Etsy sellers simply visit the landing page, select the Task type they need, and customize according to their needs. By using TaskRabbit for Etsy, these creative entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business instead of finding temporary staffing help. Read more about TaskRabbit for Etsy on the Etsy News Blog.

Task of the Week: Make Bean Bags, Save World

We love it when our TaskRabbits get crafty. Lucky for us, creative TaskPosters keep coming up with more and more DIY projects to outsource. Take the case of Ben A., a San Francisco TaskPoster charged with planning a hip and fun charity event. Since Ben is brilliant, he decided to center his event around baggo (that lawn game that Midwesterners lovingly dub “cornhole”). The game requires dozens of bean bags (well, technically they’re corn bags), which Ben smartly hired TaskRabbit Lourdes J. to sew and fill. Nearly 20 Bay Area teams competed, with Atlassian‘s Baggo Ballers claiming the title. Proceeds from the event were donated to Camara, a charity that uses technology to deliver education to disadvantaged communities in Africa and Ireland, and Code for America. We love it when crafts meet causes. Way to be rad, Ben and Airbrake Team!

Task of the Week: Sew Me This

We’ve seen plenty of Tasks posted for basic clothing repair and alterations. There’ve also been many seamstress Tasks about curtains: making them, shortening them, splitting one panel into two. Yep, the TaskPoster community has long tapped into the sewing talent of their TaskRabbit neighbors, but lately we’re seeing an evolution of sorts. TaskPosters like Michelle F. are finding inspiration — like this gorgeous (but sold-out) tutu-esque skirt from Shabby Apple she spotted on Pinterest — and hiring crafty TaskRabbits to sew similar pieces with personal touches from scratch. Boston TaskRabbit Jennifer R. tackled Michelle’s tutu with style and grace (just like a ballerina). Likewise, TaskPoster Alfred M. was impressed by a jacket with LED turn signals sewn into the back for biking, so he hired Sarah W. to build a T-shirt that functioned in the same way. Knowing that so many TaskRabbits are masters of needles and thread gives way to endless possibilities: Imagine, every time we see some covetable piece of clothing on a blog, in a magazine, or gracing our favorite Pinboards we …