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TaskRabbit Engineer Stan R.

Meet the Team: Stan R.

Software Engineer Stan R. hails from New Orleans and, “unlike Lil Wayne,” he’ll be forever faithful to his hometown. His passions include using the Internet and simple design to empower communities, and keeping the TaskRabbit office stocked with Crystal hot sauce. Favorite Book: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card Favorite Movie: Urbanized Favorite TV Show: “Of all time? Seinfeld. Right now? Louie. Same thing, really.” Beverage of Choice: Naked Juice Dream Vacation: “A place with white sand, blue ocean, fabulous food, and no open-container laws.” Secret Addiction: “Sour Jacks. They’re like Sour Patch Kids, but way better. I’m deeply concerned that when Blockbuster inevitably ceases to be brick-and-mortar, there will be nowhere to get Sour Jacks. I may have to get a TaskRabbit to track them down for me.” Favorite Quote: “Stop bitching and start a revolution.” — Wulf Zendik Favorite Thing About TaskRabbit: “Collaboration. We have computers with two keyboards!”

Meet the TaskRabbit Team: Jabu D.

Self-described as “double the dose in half the time,” Director of People Jabu D. is a chatty Berkeley lady with a knack for craft and an awesome dog named Biscuits Jackson. Hobby: “Talkin’ too much.” Favorite Book: The Coffee Trader by David Liss Beverage of Choice: Champagne Favorite Foods: Ethiopian, Mexican, Spanish Secret Obsession: Design blogs. “I look through them all day for inspiration and motivation.” Best Places Ever Visited: Katmandu, Cape Town, Udaipur, Venice Favorite Quote: “Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the people doing it.” Why She Loves TaskRabbit: “I have loved the TaskRabbit concept since I came across it in January of 2011. When I moved to SF in March of that year I immediately started using it. True to the origin story, some of my most important Tasks were around getting food for my dog. I was working so much at the time that basic things like that seemed impossible to coordinate. It made my life so much better. And of course I loved the way it empowered …