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Go Ahead, Binge Watch Arrested Development. We’ll Bring You Things.

Be honest. You’re gonna binge watch Arrested Development this weekend. You’ll knock back three seasons of never nudes (there are dozens of them), chicken dances (has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?), and hop-ons (because you’re gonna get hop-ons) before settling in for the long-awaited Season Four. Don’t wait for The Cornballer to make its first appearance before you realize that you’re famished. TaskRabbits can keep you nourished all weekend with food, drink, even chocolate-covered bananas. Place your delivery orders now — anything else would be a huge mistake.

Arrested Development Banana Stand

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

There’s nothing we love more than a super weird Task, so we were thrilled to see the awesome folks at Campus request some help building a banana stand. That’s right, a banana stand in the style of Arrested Development. The specs call for a classic curved top, space enough for three people, and a freezer and chocolate dipping vat. George Michael would be proud. We don’t know what they plan to do with the stand, but wherever it ends up we hope to be amongst the first in line. Is there anything more a-peeling (eh? eh?) than a chocolaty frozen banana?