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24me app for everything

24me, the Destination for Daily Life Management

Introducing 24me from 24me on Vimeo. What if you could manage your daily life through a single app? 24me, which launched late last week, helps users wrangle errands, bill pay, social engagements, and pretty much anything else in one centralized place. Through an integration with TaskRabbit, 24me users can simply tap a button on their To-Do lists to automatically post a Task. Pretty cool, huh? We caught up with CEO and co-founder Gilad Hertanu to find out more. Like TaskRabbit, you’re on a mission to help make people more productive. Can you tell our community more about that mission? “24me’s mission is to become the destination to manage daily life. Our goal is to help people with their daily To-Dos by automating many of the things we all deal with… When you wake up and open 24me, our goal is that many of your To-Dos will automatically be displayed without your intervention. You will then be able to take care of those things from within 24me with a click of a button.” What challenges do …