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Mmm, Hoodsie Cups!

Photo via Flickr.

If there’s one thing we really miss from our hometown of Boston, it’s Hoodsie Cups. No one here on the west coast knows what we’re talking about when we mention those little paper cups of both chocolate and vanilla ice cream. These were a staple of nearly ever summer get-together.

Which is what makes this particular task particularly special.

Jim’s wife is from New England. The couple now lives in Los Angeles, which is where their recent wedding took place. Knowing how nostalgic his wife is for Hoodsie Cups, Jim decided he’d try to get them for the wedding reception.

It seemed like an impossible task, but Tasker Jen K wanted to help Jim make it happen.

One industrial strength cooler and some overnight shipping later, Jim received his 150 Hoodsies in Los Angeles — not a single one of them melted.

While his wife took a break from the wedding party, Jim hurriedly passed the cups of ice cream out to the guests. She returned to everyone just hanging out and casually eating her favorite Boston treat — all the way in Los Angeles. Unable to believe her eyes, she peered at the cups, asking, “Wait — how? How?” over and over again. We can only imagine what an unexpected delight it was!

Jim said that working with Tasker Jen was amazing because she was just as invested in the success of his surprise as he was. He added that it is “definitely a memory the both of us will have for the rest of our lives. Don’t think I could have made that happen any other way.”

We’re glad we could help. Many congrats to the happy couple!

Planning any wedding day surprises? You know where to find us!

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