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Steve Carries Seventy Times Seven Boxes Around Boston

Last week, after working in the office all day Monday, Steve and I thought we’d get out and run an errand on Friday. I offered to help carry some of the boxes, but Steve wouldn’t have it. With my hands free I decided to try out the video recording on my iPhone. Enjoy.

Side note: In the process of posting the video, I discovered Youtube’s AudioSwap feature. It allows you to legally use music in your videos. The bands benefit from an ad which makes it easy for viewers to purchase the song on iTunes and Amazon. There isn’t the biggest selection, but I managed to find one of my favorite groups: Brand New. I’m happy to see that these guys get it and aren’t locking down their content. Although I doubt I’ll put them at the top of the iTunes chart like Jill and Kevin did for Chris Brown, I hope I send some people their way.

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