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Spring Moving & Cleaning: How Have You Been Tasking?


Ahh…spring…an extra hour of daylight, warmer temps and a chance to start fresh. Though the birds start chirping and the flowers are beginning to bloom, spring means different things to different people — for some, it’s finally decluttering that messy closet, scrubbing the shower tile (if we really must), or cleaning out the garage. For others, it might mean finally deciding to move to that new neighborhood you’ve been dreaming about.

To celebrate fresh starts, we sprung into action and took a look at cleaning and moving stats in some of our largest cities, neighborhood by neighborhood. How have you really been tasking?



New Yorkers want help now (no surprise there).

In the city that never sleeps, it should be no surprise that New Yorkers want everything right away. This March, a third of all NYC moving tasks have been same-day requests – up from only 19% in March 2015. Almost 70% more people want same-day moving now than a year ago.

We’re darn good at stairs. Couches too.

The struggle of finding the perfect apartment in New York is real. A lot of moving happens here. So far, our Taskers have:

  • Gone up and down over 1 million stairs to help people move in NYC – the equivalent of 636 times up and down the Empire State Building, or 3,340 times up and down the Statue of Liberty
  • Moved over 6,000 couches

If tackling those walk-ups with a couch in-hand on moving day doesn’t sound like your idea of fun…


…we clearly have plenty of experience handling that.

New Yorkers of Union Square move a lot.

The top 10 NYC moving neighborhoods (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Union Square
  2. Chelsea
  3. Greenwich Village
  4. East Village
  5. NYU
  6. DUMBO / Brooklyn Heights
  7. Murray Hill
  8. Williamsburg
  9. Lower East Side
  10. Park Slope

Now, just because Union Square residents book the most moving tasks, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re moving across town. While people typically think of moving as changing residences, they’re using TaskRabbit for much more than just moving from apartment to apartment. We call these “Lift & Shift” tasks — such as when you need some extra muscle to rearrange furniture, or help get rid of that stale couch and then pick up and deliver your new one.

You’re really clean, Greenwich Village.

The top 10 cleanest NYC neighborhoods (by number of cleaning & organizing tasks):

  1. Greenwich Village
  2. Union Square
  3. Chelsea
  4. NYU
  5. DUMBO / Brooklyn Heights
  6. East Village
  7. Murray Hill
  8. Lower East Side
  9. Williamsburg
  10. Park Slope

Greenwich Village wins the title, with Union Square and Chelsea not far behind. That said, the neighborhood that pays the most attention to detail — really making those ovens look like new and giving the baseboards and bathroom tiles some much needed love — is Union Square, whose residents book the most deep cleans. Brooklyn Heights comes in close behind, followed by Greenwich Village.

We like cleaning. So, FYI for all you other NYC neighborhoods: no more excuses.

clean room



Boston is definitely a true college town.

Compared to our other major metros, Boston has the highest concentration of moving tasks booked during college move-in week, and more late-summer to early-fall moving tasks.

There are twice as many roommate moves compared to family moves. And unsurprisingly, the majority of moves happen in the MIT/Mid-Cambridge neighborhood, with Harvard on its heels.

The top 10 Boston moving neighborhoods (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. MIT / Mid-Cambridge
  2. Harvard
  3. Back Bay
  4. Brookline
  5. Somerville
  6. Northeastern University
  7. Brighton / Aberdeen
  8. West End
  9. North Cambridge / Avon Hill
  10. Watertown

It makes sense that the college neighborhoods lead the pack when it comes to cleaning tasks as well.

The top 10 cleanest Boston neighborhoods (by number of cleaning & organizing tasks):

  1. MIT / Mid-Cambridge
  2. Harvard
  3. Somerville
  4. Back Bay
  5. Watertown
  6. West End
  7. Brookline
  8. Brighton / Aberdeen
  9. Northeastern University
  10. North Cambridge / Avon Hill


Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

Transportation for moving tasks is much cheaper in the midwest.

Count your blessings, Chicago. Compared to all of our major metros, Chicago has the lowest hourly rate when using a truck for moving tasks. As a frame of reference, NYC trucks cost twice as much.

The congested Northside knows a lot about moving.

In the Windy City, Lakeview is the most active when it comes to booking moving tasks.

The top 10 Chicago moving neighborhoods (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Lakeview
  2. Lincoln Park
  3. West Town
  4. Logan Square
  5. Old Town / Gold Coast
  6. Streeterville
  7. West Loop / University Village
  8. Uptown
  9. South Loop
  10. River North

The Northside is clean, but some folks on the Northwest side of the city are cleaner.

Lakeview also books the most cleanings, as seen below, but when it comes to a good deep cleaning, the intellectuals, hipsters and creatives in Logan Square seem to be a bit more thorough, followed by those neat/organized folks in the West Loop.

The top 10 cleanest Chicago neighborhoods (by number of cleaning & organizing tasks):

  1. Lakeview
  2. Lincoln Park
  3. Logan Square
  4. West Town
  5. Streeterville
  6. Old Town / Gold Coast
  7. West Loop / University Village
  8. Uptown
  9. River North
  10. South Loop

The top 10 cleanest Chicago neighborhoods (by number of “deep clean” tasks):

  1. Logan Square
  2. West Loop / University Village
  3. Lincoln Park & Streeterville (Tie)
  4. Lakeview
  5. Uptown
  6. Old Town / Gold Coast & West Town (Tie)
  7. South Loop
  8. River North


Apparently, March is the first month in the Windy City that the average daily temp is above freezing. So, it’s starting to thaw out enough to tackle moving again. Move on!

Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. likes to move fast too.

DC was right behind NYC in terms of the percentage of same-day moving task requests: a quarter of all DC area moving tasks are needed within hours.

Adam’s Morgan wins at everything.

Apparently, Adam’s Morgan is a hotbed of moving and cleaning task action, as Taskers have helped neighborhood residents move the most (by magnitudes) over the years. The Howard University/Mt. Vernon Square area comes in a distant second.

Top 10 DC area moving neighborhoods (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Adam’s Morgan
  2. Howard U / Mt. Vernon Sq
  3. Georgetown
  4. Near Northeast Capitol Hill
  5. Logan Circle
  6. Woodley Park / Forest Hills
  7. Mt. Pleasant / Columbia Heights / Parkview
  8. Arlington
  9. Rock Creek Park
  10. Foggy Bottom

Top 10 cleanest DC area neighborhoods (by number of cleaning & organizing tasks):

  1. Adam’s Morgan
  2. Howard U / Mt. Vernon Sq
  3. Near Northeast Capitol Hill
  4. Georgetown
  5. Mt. Pleasant / Columbia Heights / Parkview
  6. Logan Circle
  7. Foggy Bottom
  8. Rock Creek Park
  9. Woodley Park / Forest Hills
  10. Arlington

These are just a few initial observations — we can’t wait to do an even deeper dive into all of our Tasker data, and will be sharing more great finds soon.

If you have some moving plans in the works, we’d love to help. Or, if you just want to freshen up the arrangement of your living room, we can do that too. Pre- and/or post-move cleanup sessions? Let our Taskers spring (no pun intended) into action and consider them handled.

We’re officially declaring this Moving Week over here at TaskRabbit, and will be giving out special deals on all moving-related tasks starting today.

While we take the stress out of moving day, finding the perfect place to call home can still be a challenge. For a seamless, personalized apartment search, check out our friends at Apartment List.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in the loop. Create a TaskRabbit account, you’ll also get special deals via email. But for now, save $20 on all moving tasks with code MOVINGWEEK. Happy Tasking!


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