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Saygent’s Mission to Give Consumers a Voice

Saygent turns voice into insight at the speed of sound.

Saygent is pretty much the cool kid on the customer feedback block. The innovative folks at this startup leverage mobile technology and qualitative feedback from living, breathing humans to gather the kind of authentic, high-quality information brands need to adapt. Saygent’s mission? To give consumers an awesome tool to post and share quality feedback. TaskRabbits are helping them along the way, by testing new products and by giving the Saygent team a little extra time in their days. We asked Saygent CEO Guy Hirsch to find out more about this exciting company. Here’s what he had to say:

What barriers do companies face in gathering customer feedback?
“Companies face the barriers of overall consumer disdain to solicited feedback, competing for attention, apathy, and the notion that providing feedback is not worth one’s time.”

How does Saygent help customers overcome these barriers?
“It is a consumer-initiated process so it doesn’t feel like work, it is as intuitive as possible by letting consumers simply speak into a web browser or mobile device whenever they have something to say, and it takes the focus off vanity metrics and onto something more substantial for consumers and the brands so that the experience is much more rewarding.”

How do you envision the future of customer feedback?
“[pullthis]We want a world where consumers are not solicited to answer random, lazy questions that may or may not apply to their personal experiences. We predict a future of seamless, effortless sharing of thoughts and suggestions.[/pullthis] Imagine a world where you can share your ideas anywhere, where they are truly valued by a brand; that’s the world we want to create.”

[pullshow] How do TaskRabbits help Saygent gets things done?
“At Saygent our primary use for TaskRabbits is to help us kick the tires on our new products. We start by having them sign up, check out an app, and accomplish a simple task. Then comes the important part, they send us an email containing a paragraph telling us what they think. We write a thoughtful follow up email and do some back and forth to really understand their perspective. We want to know what they think on a high level, what problems they ran into, how they would personally use the product, and how the product is failing to accommodate that individual need.”

You offer TaskRabbit credits to your employees as a perk, how does this help your team members increase their productivity?
“The idea of Saygent employees using TaskRabbit is to help us take care of our day-to-day chores so we can focus our attention on ‘the product.’ For example, some team members have hired TaskRabbits to do laundry, which frees up three hours of their time, but we have other creative uses in mind that are yet to be realized.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does Saygent walk the walk of social responsibility?
“Saygent is creating an environment for people to get together, share, and collaborate on feedback and suggestions. We look forward to finding the [ideas] most valuable and beneficial to society, and bringing them front-and-center to the brands and nonprofits that can make them a reality.”

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