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Remy. Unleashed.

It’s true, Remy has been launched in beta form at http://www.RUNmyERRAND.com!  The code name ‘Remy’ was made up from the acronym ‘R’un ‘M’y ‘E’rrand, which then rolled off the tounge as Remy.  So there you have it …  the cat is out of the bag.  The lab has been unleashed.  This is what I left Big Blue to work on … a social networking inspired community of Errand Senders and Errand Runners joining together to get things done!  We launched quietly on September 15th with some friends and family.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when we were featured in the Charlestown Patriot Bridge, that things really started cranking!  From there we had some nice organic growth, between CultureJunkie, the Bostonist, and others from the Boston blogging community.

In the few weeks since the launch, the really exciting thing is that the typical response time between a Sender posting an errand, and a Runner picking up the errand is 10 minutes!  Yes … 10 minutes!!!  How great is that?!  Our vision from the very beginning was to make this a dynamic, spontaneous offering where people could post things that they needed done, while others, who have the time, are able to log on and make some money running errands for others.  Imagine you’re driving to work and a thought pops into your head … shoot … you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning again!!!  Why not have someone snag it for you, while you are busy working away, and deliver it straight to your office, so you’ll have it on your way home?  How about that bag of clothing donations that’s been sitting in your closet for weeks.  Post it online and get it out of there!  You are probably thinking an on demand, high tech service such as this has got to be expensive, right?  The average cost per errand run is $7, and we don’t take any profits from the Runners.  Check out all the errands that have been completed since the launch date … there’s some good stuff in there!

For the geeks … this app is 100% Ruby on Rails based running on a cloud computing infrastructure.  Not Amazon.com … we are using GoGrid and have been really happy with them so far!  It was a blast to engineer and develop from the very beginning and we’ve got so many great features queued up, this is just the beginning!!  We have plans for a rapid expansion, so if we are not available in your community right now, check back soon!!

LAB Unleashed may turn into the RUNmyERRAND blog for a little bit of time.  Its all I eat, sleep, breathe, and think about.  There is a lot of great technology involved, so I’ll probably be writing about it from that perspective.  We are open to suggestions and feedback!  You can contact the RUNmyERRAND Crew anytime via our contact page.


  1. This sounds like a great service, and I love that it is something that you are proud of and passionate about. Best of luck!

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