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Put TaskRabbit to Work on Your Summer Tasks!

Summer has finally arrived- hooray! With a brand new set of to-do’s. Boo. Never fear- TaskRabbit’s here to help!  We’ll complete those to-do’s so you can have the fun. How can we help? Check out our Top Summer Tasks…

Install Your A/CEveryone has struggled through the process of trying to install an air conditioner each summer; they’re heavy and awkward. It’s a strenuous task that can often take two people (unless you’re a pro weightlifter; in which case, congratulations). TaskRabbit’s Runners can do it all or give you a helping hand!

Set-up/Clean-up BBQIt’s a staple in your summer schedule: the Barbeque. It’s fun, relaxing… during the actual event. Throwing one yourself can be another story; organizing a BBQ can be too much, not to mention the cleanup. Focus on the important stuff (the relaxing/fun parts) and you can let us handle the rest.

Pet-sit While on VacationIt’s summer, so you want to take a little time off to get out of your home and go somewhere else; you’ve earned it, right? It’s tough to bring your pets on the vacation with you, though (getting away from the pet care can be half the reason to get away, too). There are plenty of Runners who would love to tend to your pet for a week while you tan in the sand.

Buy IceIt’s summer; you need ice. Instead of trekking out to the store in the heat, just ask someone to do it for you. It’s so much cooler that way.

Entertain ChildrenThere’s no school to keep the kids occupied. Your (relatively) peaceful home is bursting with the beautiful noise of screaming children during the day. Everyone could use an hour to sit and relax, so just have one of your neighborly, background checked and personally interviewed TaskRabbit Runners come over and help them with tutoring, playing in the back yard, or help you bring the kids to the beach for the day.

As with every task that you post on TaskRabbit, you decide the price so you never have to pay more than you want. As always, you never know what will come up this summer, but whatever does, we can handle it!

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