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Polka Dog Bakery – Pet Food Replenishment Program

Dog Food Delivery From RunMyErrand!

Dog Food Delivery From RunMyErrand!

RME is very excited to announce that we will now be offering a Pet Food Delivery Program through Polka Dog Bakery (located in Jamaica Plain and in the South End.) Now you can have your pet food delivered directly to your door at regular weekly or monthly intervals for just $10!

So say your household pets are the following:

Fifi Von Fluffystuff (cat)

Genevive (Yellow Lab)

and Cuchi-Cuchi (mini Dachshund.)

Let’s say that you are a busy individual who is far too busy playing with said pets and watching the Puppy Bowl to leave the house to take the T across town, in the snow, uphill BOTH WAYS, to pick up nom-noms and LARGE bags of food for said pets. Having to do all of this every 2 weeks is, as the French say, LAME.

Let us do the heavy lifting! Simply fill out an order slip (available at Polka Dog Locations, stop in or call). Fill in the types of dog food Genevive likes, the exact cat food and cat litter Fifi loves and the little extras that Cuchi-Cuchi enjoys (chewie nom-noms). Then tell us how often you want this delivered and POOF! An RME Runner will deliver everything right to your door every week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks, depending on how much Cuchi-Cuchi eats.

Your credit card is kept on file and delivery is only $10. Orders over $75 get 10% off of their entire order.

Polka Dog Bakery offers loads of brands of dog and cat food, such as Solid Gold, Nutro and Wellness, as well as cat litter, dog treats and waste bags. Don’t miss out on time that could better be spent at the puppy park. We’ll handle this chore for you.

Raise your paw if you like this idea!

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