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Our Chief Storyteller

Hi, I’m Robbie Vorhaus, RunMyErrand’s chief storyteller. All stories are about a journey, which is the same as RunMyErrand: every time you post or run an errand it’s another story. We want to hear your stories!

My whole world is storytelling. Ever since I’ve been a child, all I’ve ever wanted to do was tell stories and help other people how to tell their stories, too. I was a newspaper photojournalist, a magazine writer, I’ve worked in radio and TV, along with PR, marketing, and film. And now, I have the best job on the planet: helping to tell the RunMyErrand story, which includes you.

So, when you post or run an errand, tell us something about your story. Paint a picture. Tell us your point of view. Are you religious, gay, young or not so young? What obstacles did you encounter? What did you learn? Tell us if you had fun, who did you meet, and what short-cuts you discovered. We want it all. And if we like your story, we may even try to make you famous. Well, maybe a little famous here at RunMyErrand.

And, as we get to know you, we want you to learn more about us. A little more about me: I’m married to my best friend, Candace; we have two awesome kids, Connor, and Molly, and the cutest dog, a Yorkiepoo, named, Oliver, who we call Ollie. We live close to the sea, I run, have an organic garden, and I met the last Pope, John Paul II, and Billy Joel, two legends. (PS, we love “Star Dustings,” so even if you weren’t on a RunMyErrand, we still want to hear all about your star sightings.)

We’re so glad you’re here, and again, tell us your stories!

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