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Meet your summer intern: Cody Kieltyka

gumbyHello from inside the RUNmyERRAND (Zipcar) offices. My name is Cody Kieltyka and I am one of two Boston College students interning at RUNmyERRAND.com this summer. I’m done with finals and ready to start contributing in anyway I can… even if it means dressing up in a modified Gumby costume once in while  (more information coming soon).

After taking a glimpse at the fun and excitement of entrepreneurship in @gallaugher’s TechTrek  field study to Silicon Valley, I knew I wanted to work at a startup technology company this summer. For me, I found that although it was cool to visit the tech giants like Google, Apple, and Ebay, it was way more interesting to speak with the founders and managers at startups like Facebook, Digg, and SocialText.

Back in Boston, I found this same intrigue during my interview at RUNmyERRAND.com. Not only did I like the idea behind the company, I relished the opportunity to have a big impact even while only being an intern.

We have some very exciting plans for this summer and I look forward to keeping everyone in the loop about them and other fun things happening in Boston.

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