TaskRabbit Team
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Meet the TaskRabbit Team: Evan T.

A self-described nerd and Mexican Coke addict, Senior Systems Engineer Evan T. keeps our tech infrastructure in tip-top shape.

Favorite Book: “That one Choose Your Own Adventure where I didn’t die a terrible death.”
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Dream Vacation: “Mars, we’ll get there in my lifetime.”
Favorite Game: Super Mario RPG (SNES; 1996)
Favorite Task to Outsource: The delivery of Mexican Cokes.
Favorite Place to Go in the Bay Area? House of Prime Rib
Reason He Digs Line-Waiting Tasks: “Waiting in line went from wasting one person’s time to saving time for that person, and generating income for another.”
Why He Loves TaskRabbit: “The team! Everyone here is truly passionate about helping people get things done.”

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