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meet the runners: michael u

Last week, I caught up with Founding Runner Michael U, who was gracious enough to fill me in on what got him started working with RME.

He joined the site because he moseyed on over to and was impressed by Leah’s idea and wanted to help get this ‘small business’ of sorts going. As a professional with an IT and legal background, Mike has worked with a handful of small companies and businesses, and was interested and excited to join another start up effort.

We reminisced about favorite errands, crazy errands we’ve run, and even crazier ones that we were surprised anyone ran at all…all the while, connecting because our common link is that we run errands for RME when we have the chance, and we’re truly enjoying making things easier for people in our community.

Mike also had some awesome suggestions on how RME can further develop this site to become more of a web community. As we continue to grow(psst! calling all developers!), one of his ideas was to allow runners to include skills or job types in their profile, so that errand senders can “Select a runner” based on their strengths.

Mike himself would specialize in computer-related errands, such as document formatting, HR/Payroll-related jobs, and quick deliveries; he shares a car with his girlfriend, but during specific day parts, he would be able to get items where they need to go, fast.

So, if you need any of the above, you can add Mike as a favorite runner by clicking here!

Stay tuned to learn more about our errand running team, and as these fall days find us busy with work or too tired to cook when we get home, remember that we can help by running those errands you just don’t have time to get to!


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