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meet the runners, chapter 1

Hello, fans of Run My Errand!

I’m allison r, a self-designated “Super runner,” here to help introduce you to me, and other members of the Founding Runners team.  Who are the Founding Runners, you ask? We’re the ten or so crazy kids (and adults) who jumped on board with Run My Errand pretty darn close to its inception, and have been running errands with gusto ever since. We’re constantly suggesting new features to Leah, we can post our own runs(like trips to Home Depot and Target), and we even have a super secret handshake.

Going forward, check this blog compulsively for profiles of and interviews with our fabulous Founding Runners. For today, though, you’re stuck with some interesting facts about me!

I’m a 25 year old graduate of Bowdoin College with a BA in German and Film Studies trying to find my niche in the working world. I’m really good at driving places fast, picking up stuff, buying stuff, delivering stuff, and coordinating times to pick up, buy, and deliver stuff. Enter Run My Errand, the perfect outlet for my (until now) unused talents!

Seriously, though, I work a couple of parttime jobs, so I have a flexible schedule, and I’m all over the city. Living in Somerville, working in Watertown and Brookline, and making frequent trips to Metrowest makes an errand in almost any corner of the city feasible for me.

My favorite errand to date, though, was an Ikea run for a man who runs a home improvement business in Somerville. The errand required much haggling over the fee and the enlisting of a friend with a Subaru to make the trip to Stoughton to purchase and deliver over $1500 worth of kitchen cabinetry! We had to wait over an hour for Ikea to even pull the items from their onsite warehouse…good thing they have a great food court with 50 cent hot dogs, and lots to browse to pass the time!

Neither party anticipated the errand would take as long as it did, but I didn’t mind, and Brad (the Sender) was very understanding, and grateful we completely his mammoth errand! My friend and I left sweaty, tired, a few dollars richer, and glad we were able to help. Because that’s what it’s all really about, right? We’re a bunch of young professionals who are enterprising, creative, tuned into the community, and here to make your life easier. Rock on!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more runner anecdotes, top-secret Run My Errand tid-bits, and maybe even some chances to get hooked up with cool RME gear!


allison r.

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