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Maybe I watched too much Entourage this weekend…

famWhen Leah was selling me on working for RUNmyERRAND.com, she never mentioned  TV appearances. What can I say? Stars are bound to shine and I was burning bright on Friday’s Fox25 Ziptrip to Charlestown. I expected to be discovered earlier in my career but at least now I can avoid the illfate that comes a long with being a childhood star.

Fox pulled out all the stops for their new talent and had Olives restaurant cater some lobster for lunch, which I was told Todd English cooked himself. They weren’t stingy with dessert either and my pallet appreciated the gourmet cupcake from Biga Bread.

Of course as a celebrity I had to do some meet and greets. Here’s a pic of me about to shake hands with Mayor Menino(I expect Obama to be calling next).     mayor

Fox wanted to ditch the RUNmyERRAND segment and use the time to interview me, but I figured I’d throw Leah and Rylan a bone for letting me know about the Ziptrip in the first place. I might even stick around as their intern despite a guaranteed spot on a new Fox reality show.

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