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Love Connections through TaskRabbit on the Laura Ingraham Show

Our CEO and founder, Leah Busque, was on the Laura Ingraham radio show yesterday! Check out the attached audio clip to hear the interview.

The interview runs the gamut…from potential love connections between Senders and Runners to highlights of Leah’s favorite Tasks. However, our favorite part of the interview was when Victor, a blind gentleman, called into the show. Victor called TaskRabbit  a “God send” for people with disabilities. He loves that TaskRabbit can help him, and other folks with disabilities, with simple daily Tasks, like reading the mail and grocery shopping.

We are so proud to be able to help those who need it most. We certainly have some amazing stories of people helping people in their own community, leveraging TaskRabbit as their platform for the “love connection.” Leah highlighted one of these amazing stories on the Laura Ingraham show… A blind “Sender” needed help navigating the unfamiliar (and often treacherous) streets of Boston. He was connected with a Runner who helped him become more acquainted with the neighborhood and its streets.

Oh, the amazing love-connecting (or just plain connecting) power of crowdsourcing! Gotta love it!

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