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Looking Back at #WinterStormJuno: Boston or Bust

On the heels of yet another storm bearing down on the Northeast, remember when Winter Storm Juno never delivered its promised punch to New York City, but poor Boston got more than its fair share? New Tasking data reveals just how bad the two towns got it.

Boston (population: 640,000) logged nearly twice as many winter-related tasks as New York City (population: 8.4 million) during the final week of January. Boston Taskers logged 612 winter-related tasks compared to New York’s 368 tasks. Taskers in both cities were most likely to shovel cold white stuff the day or two following a band of snowfall. Other popular tasks included spreading snow salt the night before and delivering warm food once the worst of the storm passed.

Juno was the biggest snowstorm to hit Boston in a generation — and one of the first to have such a skilled team of on-demand Taskers following behind it.

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