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Life in the jungle … the Social Media Jungle

Jeff Pulver hosted a fantastic event today, Social Media Jungle: Boston.  I loved the format of 20 minute mini sessions, which emphasized interaction between the “speaker” and the audience.  Dare I say, these mini session could be compared to tweets … short, sweet, interactive, and designed to add a ton of value.  I even got to participate in Doug Levin’s panel on R-Commerce (relationship commerce) along with Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper.  If I had to sum up the day, for me it was all about being aware of “the human element”.  Whether you are trying to drive a marketing strategy via Social Media, interacting with your users, or broadcasting your own messages, the important thread that connects us all is the human element.  This thread connects us both on and offline, and blurring the lines between these communities is the type of innovation that is occurring right now in the Social Media space.  It is absolutely part of RUNmyERRAND‘s vision.  Finally at this moment in time, we have the technology that we need to harness the power that has always existed but remains untapped in a community.

A few of my favorite tweets from the day ….

@bostonmarketer – Remember there ARE ppl behind tweets and you might want to talk to ppl behind the brand ~@jeffpulver #smjbos
@daveatkins – At #smjbos thinking…social media could be the answer to restore community by connecting people to each other in real life
@KenHerron – Live from #SMJBOS: “In all seriousness, social media has the power to humanize business processes from HR to Marketing.” @MaThuRRell


I thoroughly enjoyed the event and all the community buzz that made it so special.  My TweetDeck was going crazy all day, and even though I had to leave early, as not to miss a doctor’s appointment I had to book 8 months in advance (8 months!!!), as soon as I got back online, I felt like I was still there. Living all the great quotes, ideas, and innovations in real time.  Thanks to Jeff Pulver who hosted the event, and thank you to Doug Levin for inviting me to share RUNmyERRAND with the community.

Now off to Web Innovators tonight … Boston has a *vibrant* web startup scene … I am loving every second of it!


  1. Great to meet you today and an awesome presentation. I was very excited by the service, but sad to find out that it is not available in my area when I went to sign up. Hope you move out to the burbs soon.

  2. Thanks guys! CC – am planning an expansion shortly … will keep you posted!

  3. Erin East says

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I love hearing all about your adventures.

    Have a good week, Leah!!

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