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Life as Mr Peabody’s Personal Chauffeur

Despite what most people think when I tell them I am interning for RUNmyERRAND.com this summer, I don’t usually run the errands that are posted on the site. In fact, I hadn’t ran any.  That all changed last week when I accepted an errand that (not to brag) I couldn’t have been more perfect for.

Someone posted an errand to pick up their pug from the airport. Although the sender wanted to meet with the runner first, she would pay top dollar for the transportation of her precious cargo.pet-ariways-and-me I was reading the errand alert message on my phone and realized that the airport wasn’t Boston’s Logan international, but Republic Airport. Where the heck is that you’re wondering? It just happens to be in Farmingdale, NY (on Long Island) and 20 minutes away from my parents’ house. What airline? Pet Airways, the same one my mom (a dog lover) told me about the day before while chatting on the phone after seeing a special on the news.

Coincidence? At RUNmyERRAND we’d rather call it the power of community. It wasn’t until this point that I realized how truly awesome it is.

Mr. Peabody slept almost the whole way up to Boston, but came alive when he was reunited with his owner.  I was happy to have helped out (and as far as I know, garner the biggest runner fee in RUNmyERRAND history.



  1. I love this article! Thanks for sharing – I hope I come across something just like this – its people that I pick up – but dogs…sweet!

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