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What Does Your #LifeAfterChores Look Like?

These days, it often feels like we’re all running around a million miles a minute, constantly plugged in, juggling a million different commitments, just trying to keep our heads above water. But you know what? Life is short. And it’s up to us to make time for the things that make us feel most alive.

So, starting this month, we’re challenging you to do just that. We want you to find out what your #LifeAfterChores looks like. And what does that mean, exactly? At it’s core, “Life After Chores” is about possibility. It’s about finding balance. Making time for ourselves. And daring to lean into full, vibrant lives — where we can feel confident that we won’t regret the things we didn’t do.

We all have to-do lists. If every item on yours was done, what would you love to do?

At TaskRabbit, we’re taking on your chores and errands, so you have the chance to discover everything that’s on the other side of your daily grind. We’re challenging you to be your happiest, most productive, most creative selves ­­­— by making time for all of the things that matter most to you.

If we’re constantly overextended, stressed, exhausted, and rushing through our days, what moments are we missing out on? What dreams are we not pursuing? What hobbies are we not taking up? What memories are we not making with our kids, our parents, our closest friends?

Sometimes, people feel like they’re cheating themselves if they ask for help every now and then. That somehow it couldn’t possibly be worth it, or that it’s too indulgent. But really, what is your time worth? What are these moments worth? We want you at your best – which not only benefits you, but all the fine people you share your life with.

We’re wired to keep learning, keep stretching ourselves, developing into fully functioning adults and figuring out this whole thing called life, one misstep and beautiful moment at a time. And we want you to do that. Try something new. Indulge in some “you” time. Make breakfast with your kids. Don’t cancel on that dinner date. Give AcroYoga a shot. Wander through a neighborhood you’ve never explored. Start that blog. Start that book. Do some research for that side-business you’ve been dreaming about. Go make the most of your day. Whatever it is…go do it.

And after that, share your stories with us.

From now until the end of May, we’re hosting a #LifeAfterChores photo contest on Instagram.

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Follow us on Instagram, upload pics of your favorite moments (the ones you wish you could have more of), tell us your stories, and show us what #LifeAfterChores means to you — you just might win $300 to try TaskRabbit out or some other fun prizes (you’ll have to stay tuned for those!).

(As a side note, we’d LOVE to see pics of moments you were able to enjoy in your free time after our Taskers helped you out!) Definitely share those with us. 🙂

Full details here.


It’s your life. Go make the most of it.

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