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Today is National Vinyl Record Day and whether you’re a hipster with a retro fetish or can actually recall with nostalgia using your parents’ record player, today is the perfect day to get your vinyl collection back in shape.

  • Assemble furniture: A good home entertainment system starts with the right furniture. If you’ve recently purchased a console to house your sound system, you can hire a Tasker to help with its assembly so you don’t end up with mysterious “extra” pieces and a wobbly table.
  • Organize your records : Trying to find your favorite record among your vinyl collection is not as easy as just searching for the title on your computer, so having your music physically organized is the best way to keep your tunes at your fingertips. A Tasker can help you put your vinyl in easy, accessible order.
  • Setup your record player: If you’ve got all the pieces but just haven’t set them all up yet, a Tasker can help you wire up your sound system. Next all you’ll need to do is invite everyone over for a listening party.

Happy National Vinyl Record Day! How will you be celebrating?

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