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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Whether you forgot that Halloween is two days away or you’ve been putting off figuring out your costume, you’ve come to the right place. We put together a complete Halloween costume guide for couples, a group of friends, or even a pun-lover. Continue reading to find your perfect last minute costume.


The Crafty DIY’er. If you have a few extra minutes and love crafting, we have a few costumes for you that will definitely get you a few “oohs” and “aahs”.

A pineapple is an easy, yet creative Halloween costume. You only need a few items to complete this tropical look: yellow shirt or dress, an old headband, an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, green felt, and a hot glue gun. Check out this tutorial to make your DIY pineapple topper.

The Pun Lover. If you live for the corny Halloween jokes and have been saying “hey boo-tiful” to everyone this month, this the costume for you. You can dress up as breadwinner or a smart cookie.

For a breadwinner, all you need is a fake medal, a loaf of bread and a bright colored t-shirt. People will “loaf” this costume.

Being a smart cookie is just as easy. Grab your graduation cap and gown out of storage and get some cookie stickers to tape all your gown. You’ll be “creeping” it real with this punny costume.

The Whole Family. Nothing says family trick-or-treating like matching Halloween costumes. An easy one for a whole family is a “Where’s Waldo” theme.


Throw on some khakis or jeans, grab a striped (preferably red) t-shirt, and some binoculars. If you want, you can add a red beanie or hat, too! We love that Chelsea from Lovely Indeed was able to use items already in her closet or purchase items that she knew she would wear again. 

The Couple.  It can be hard to find a costume that you both agree on especially when there’s only a few days left. The simplest way to agree is when you both already have it in your closet!

Look no further than the dancing emojis. Dress in all black and throw on an old pair of cat ears. You can even DIY cat ears with 2 headbands, a hot glue gun, and card stock.


A Group of Friends. What’s an easier Halloween costume than M&Ms candies? You can have unlimited friends join in on the fun too!

All you need is a colored t-shirt and a sharpie (or black duct tape). Draw an M on the middle of the shirt and you’re an instant M&M. Make sure everyone wears black bottoms to match, too!

The Ultimate Procrastinator. If you’re reading this at midnight on October 30, you’ve come to the right place. Just go with one of the easiest (and in our opinion, most comfortable) costumes that can be found in most closets: a professional athlete.

This Halloween costume requires a jersey and some eyeliner. Throw on your jersey and pair it with joggers or yoga pants. Use the eyeliner to paint eye-blacks under your eyes and boom, you’re all set.

If you want to save the last-minute Halloween costume shopping hassle or need help decorating your haunted house, book a Tasker for all your Halloween needs.

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