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July’s TaskRabbit of the Month

July’s TaskRabbit of the Month is Diane HDiane is a Level 21 TaskRabbit in Boston, and has become somewhat of a celebrity among the Boston TaskRabbit community.  Diane has been with TaskRabbit over a year. She is rarely seen without a huge smile on her face and bunny ears on her head (as seen in the photo below) and even on her car, causing her to earn the nickname the “bunny lady”!  Diane has NEVER received less than a perfect 5.0 rating on any of her Tasks – which is amazing since she has completed well over a 100! Impressive!

While we love Diane’s dedication to TaskRabbit, what we truly appreciate is the fact that she does TaskRabbit simply because she loves helping other people.  In Diane’s words, “I love the feeling of knowing I just made someone happy.”

Diane deserves credit for more than just helping out TaskPosters though. Another major motivator for being a TaskRabbit is her family.  She often works with her 24-year-old son, Howie, who helps her out with certain Tasks that might require some heavy lifting.  Also, her daughter Kelly is getting married in a few months. So, Diane likes that “working for TaskRabbit helps pay for all those extras that a girl’s gotta have for her wedding.”  What a great mom!  To top it all off, Diane also does a lot of charity work for the Moose Lodge in Billerica, MA.

Diane is up for any Task, but she says that her specialties include administrative work, gardening, house cleaning, laundry, and home organization.  Check out Diane’s TaskRabbit profile and hire her to help with anything!

Congratulations on being TaskRabbit of the Month, Diane! It is well deserved!

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