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“Its Craigslist meets Ebay for donations”

More great press today from The Charlestown Bridge.  People are going to start thinking I own the paper, or at least have dirt on the editor.  Neither of which is true, RUNmyERRAND is just really cranking here in the community, and people are taking notice!  This is a community based web application, after all!

Harvest on Vine food pantry will receive a much-needed boost, thanks to the efforts of Charlestown-based online company RUNmyERRAND.

On Dec. 1, RUNmyERRAND launched its Holiday Drive to benefit Harvest On Vine, as well as two shelters: the Dennis McLaughlin House at the Constitution Inn YMCA and CASPAR (Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation). While RUNmyERRAND, which was launched by husband-and-wife team Leah and Kevin Busque and fellow Charlestown resident, Brian Thomas in September, allows people to post errands they need run and puts them in contact with people willing to perform the chores, the new Holiday Drive feature will allow users to donate to the aforementioned charities and solicit its runners to deliver the goods.

People are really loving this “sponsor a bag of groceries” idea!  Its an easy, tangible, gift, and one that makes a huge difference.

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