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It just feels good to help

Hi, it’s Rebecca, a marketing consultant working with the expanding team here at RME! In a start up environment it is easy to focus only on the day-to-day, growing the business and securing financing. However since I am only 3 weeks young to RmE I have the gift of perspective, at least for now, before more papers start piling up on my desk.

One thing that struck me immediately, is that the entire team at RmE is about helping other people. I do not mean within the confines of the service itself, but in our personal lives too. When Leah Busque founded RmE she simply thought she was helping connect people in need of solutions with those who had them. But, in looking back at her life, it was clear she was destined to help people all along.

In middle school she was voted most dependable, a label that at the time may have seemed kind of boring, but it underscores a reoccurring pattern of service in her life – between tutoring at the Boys and Girls Club and volunteering through out her community.

Our Chief Runner, Rylan, is no different. Even after serving 4 years in the United States Navy, he still had a hankering to give something to his community and found his place at RmE helping businesses grow and flourish and still finds time to volunteer at local homeless shelters for veterans. Our chief storyteller, Robbie, has his own secret way of giving to the community too – and although I cannot divulge the details, it entails gifting free Dunkin Donuts to strangers. Our interns emanate the same generosity, first for donating their precious time and ideas to RmE but also when not at RmE they can be found serving those in hospitals.

For a newcomer to the RmE family, it was inspiring to see that RmE practices what we preach. Sometimes it just feels good to help. Sometimes it feels good to be helped. Isn’t that what RmE is all about?

Tell us about your experience giving back? Or tell us how using RmE makes you feel about giving to your community at large.

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  1. allison says

    Thanks for sharing these details. It makes me think of the phrase “think globally, act locally” and proves how people simply helping people can make such a strong and positive impact in our communities.

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