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It CAN Be Easy Being Green!

Happy Earth Day!

We love you, Earth!

We love you, Earth!

This is one of our favorite days of the year here at TaskRabbit and we thought we might celebrate with OUR 4 IDEAS FOR GREENING YOUR LIFE!

4. Use Zipcar – Why buy a gas chugging car or truck to get around when you could pay a low-low rate for the occasions when you REALLY need a car. You’ll save loads of money on insurance, parking and car maintenance and you can USE A HYBRID to get around only when you are really in need of doing so (i.e. You’re certain you can’t just walk to the corner to pick up the daily news? Do you really need to drive?)

3. Use your Smartphone in green ways: Apps like “Go Organic” and “FindGreen” empower you with a bajillion ways to go green, from locating bicycle shops closest to you to finding the best local food sources, these apps give you every opportunity to live an easier, greener life.

2. Shop at Whole Foods: You heard me right. Get your shopping boogie on. Whole Foods has just committed themselves to reducing their energy consumption by 25% by 2015, so instead of boppin’ around from store to store picking up one product here and another there, try to get everything in one place (Whole Foods) and with so many WF locations, staying local (Locavores) shouldn’t be a problem OR, better yet, hire a TaskRabbit Runner to do your shopping for you! Which leads me to my next resource…

1. Hire a TaskRabbit Runner to help: Sure, sure. “Shameless self promotion.” BUT as an internet-based company that focuses on neighbors helping neighbors and community building, we pride ourselves on our green approach to getting around (Zipcar, by bike and on foot) and our services that let one person do tasks for 10 in one fell swoop (Hello Ikea runs!) HENCE, less gas wasted and lower carbon footprints for all!

*We are so green that we don’t even have a working printer in our offices, merely a non-functioning printer that is doing its best to store our granola stash.


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