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Introducing Emerson “Em” Busque

We’re very excited to introduce you to Emerson “Em” Busque. This strapping young pup is the newest addition to Team TaskRabbit. It’s no easy Task being a puppy in this office — it’s a whole lot of responsibility to inspire, delight, and lick the faces of everyone who picks you up. And just ask Em — people will not stop picking him up. Can you blame us? Look at that mug:
Give Em a shout on Twitter @EmBusque.


  1. Catherine Oas says

    And we have scientific evidence to show that a puppy in the office tends to destress the employees…lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels in the brain. Who wouldnt want to hold that puppy??

  2. Barbara Cameron says

    What a sweet baby!!! I love the name( Emerson, my favorite philosopher) Kobe would approve!!

  3. Paul says

    Closest thing to unconditional love you’ll get from a living being.

  4. Katharina Kurwig says

    Oh my – hi Emerson, you remind me of my black lab Sophie who grew up in my office many years back ….

  5. Joan Houston says

    How cuddly is this boy? Virtual hug, Emerson! 🙂

  6. Logan Williams says

    Hi Em! You, little pup, are seriously adorable! Luckily working from home allows me to hang out with my dog all day – they’re they best stress relievers!

  7. René Prieto-Polymeris says

    Aren’t you scrumptious! You’re going to be a good 50 lbs or way more in no time!

  8. Rachel says

    It’s a hard life, Emerson, but someone has to take all those hugs and kisses!

  9. Nicholas Varzos says

    “Emer”-some pretty cute hugs you’re getting there! What are you doing right now Emerson?

  10. Fatemeh Zohreh Khajehnoori says

    Awesome. They bring enough warmth, excitement & happiness. So, you all could make the best out of your days. Love & be loved always.

    • Nicholas Varzos says

      Ever consider taking ‘Em’ on an outing to visit and share joy at a hospice or assisted living home?

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