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Hi, I’m Steve Liu, one of the @RUNmyERRAND summer interns. I’m going to be a junior at BC this fall and I’m excited to contribute to RME for the rest of the summer. I officially started last week, but I’ve already earned the nickname “The Researcher.” Part of this has to do with my background as a research assistant for @gallaugher at BC.

I’m interested in how smart businesses use social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to their advantage and recently, it seems that the food industry is taking note. Take for example @WholeFoods which posts discounts on their Twitter feed. That’s cool, but if you’re like me you’d rather find a nice place to grab a bite than try (and fail) to make something on your own. Well there’s something for those of us devoid of culinary talent as well. A recent Globe article highlighted several area restaurants Twittering about their menus and recipes. See what’s cooking at @LESPALIER or  @myersandchang. Or if you want the big picture you can check out @eatboston and @BostonTweet. It’s a great way for restaurants to engage their customers. @tupelo02139 built up a following even before it opened!

But why stop there? @kogibbq, an LA Korean barbeque known for their short ribs taco (yum) takes the concept even further. Kogi sells their food through two wandering trucks whose locations are announced on Twitter. Or if you prefer dessert, there’s @COOLHAUS which features five architecture inspired “prefab” flavor ice cream sandwiches. Can’t wait for either of these places to expand to Boston!

Don’t have the time to track down a roaming ice cream truck? Try posting an errand on RmE to have someone pick up your order. Place a lunch order from your favorite place and have it delivered to the office. Or better yet, jump on a group run. One runner gently lets you know that there is a planned errand or food run to a specific location, like Mike’s Pastry, Target, Costco or Cosi. Simply jump on the run with a list of your needs and voila, those items are delivered once the run is complete.

There are tons of great restaurants out there to try. What’s your favorite place to eat? Where would you like to see our runners go on Group runs? All this talk of food is making me hungry.

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