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How To Make Valentine’s Day in London A Breeze

London VDAY

With under two weeks to go until Valentines Day, it’s about time you got your affairs in order. V-day may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if your loved one is into it, you might want to put some effort into it. Rather than stressing out trying to plan the perfect evening for your partner, you can organise an Instagram-worthy evening with less stress than you think. We promise!

Delectable Edibles

We don’t mean to rub salt in your wound, but if you haven’t already booked a restaurant for Valentines Day in Central London….you might want to start thinking about it. The annual celebration of love is actually taking place on a Friday this year, meaning that even London’s long-distance commuters will probably stick around the city to have a fancy bite or two.

If you want to break routine and try something new, check out the freshest restaurant additions on Yelp and Foursquare. Yelp allows you to book many places directly through their the app, using Toptable integration, making reservations a breeze.

Task It:  Sadly, some of the best restaurants in London do telephone bookings only. If you don’t have the time to waste looking for a place with a free table, hire a personal assistant through TaskRabbit for an hour or two to help you find (and book!) that perfect romantic meal.

Revelry & Merrymaking

Dinner and a movie is boring, right? If you’re stumped for other ideas, don’t despair.  YPlan can save your day. From circus shows to brewery tours, YPlan’s mobile app lists an impressive diversity of events and things to do. If you’re a “last minute” kind of person, you’ll be able to book spontaneous interesting (and discounted) events across London — which are often exclusive to YPlan.

Task It: Need someone to trawl through Time Out Listings? Call up that theatre? Run across town to buy tickets from someone? Assign it to one of our London Taskers!

Getting Around

You could get on the tube as you usually do, but that’s not very romantic, is it? So, forget the crowded train or hailing a cab in the rain. Grab yourself a luxury ride with Uber, or, if you’re after a good old-fashion London cab, get one to come to where you are in a mere matter of minutes with Hailo.

Task It: If you’re really trying to impress that special someone (and you have some wiggle room in your bank account), why not hire a romantic tour of London in a horse-drawn carriage or vintage car? A Tasker can take the organisation out of your hands and safely into theirs. Sit back and enjoy the view.

The Added Touches

There are more online gift, card and flower services than we can keep track of!  While the sentiment will be appreciated no matter what, your sweetie will definitely notice the difference between a run-of-the-mill present and a unique, specially crafted gift…made just for them. So, don’t be mainstream! Look to indie stores (online and offline),  seek out alternative florists, and quirky high-street shops to add the special touches to your Valentines day presents this year.

Task It: Need to trek across town to pick up that first edition comic book for your boyfriend? ….Or perhaps you need to brave the Oxford Street crowds to pick up that thing that Amazon is sold out of? Whatever your task, you can find a happy Tasker, ready to help you out. Heck, we’ll even gift wrap it for you.

Have any questions about V-day help in London? Get in touch!

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